Dear customer and/or user, we recommend reading with special attention the present document, as by the mere fact of browsing our website or acquiring any of our products here, the bellow terms and conditions are fully accepted:

Customer or user: Natural person or legal entity that acts directly in the buying process.
Unconditional Partners S.L: Company constituted and regulated by the Spanish laws under commercial activity encompassed within the textile sector and represented through the website Totto.com.uk.
Both parties celebrate this contract by giving their agreement to the terms established in the present document.
UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L, in any case, it will stipulate that it is contracting directly with the customer or user or its legal representative duly authorized and will not be responsible for any activity of purchase in the web in which the client or user has been previously phished.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: To make any purchase, it is essential to register, identify and present yourself as a user on the website, actions that are performed through an email account and a password of the client, which is personal, non-transferable and liability exclusive of the client.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: Any use of the provided password is the client’s responsibility, which cannot be transferred or disclosed to third parties under any reason. Likewise, the customer must take all necessary security measures to avoid misuse or knowledge of this by third parties. It is recommended to change the password periodically.
THIRD PARAGRAPH: In case of password loss, forgetfulness or exposure to third parties, you should refer to the authentication section of the site where there is a remember password link, where following the instructions, the client can retrieve his password through his email or change it. If for some reason, you cannot solve the problem you should write an email to: online@totto.uk.com

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L will make available to customers the colours in which they can purchase the products. These will be displayed in the most realistic possible way; however, it is necessary to consider that with each device / computer, the colour chosen may vary. The company is not responsible for this if the customer decides to reclaim a colour error.

By accessing and reading the contents registered in terms and conditions, the user acknowledges having read and understood these Terms of Use and agrees to abide them and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that are part of the Spanish Legislation. In addition, when you use any service provided on this Site, you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions applicable to that particular service. UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L is not responsible whether or not the material on this Site is appropriate or available for use in other places, being prohibited its access from territories where its content is illegal. Those who choose to access this site from other places will do so on their own initiative and it is their responsibility to comply with applicable local laws. In case the user does not agree to these terms, please refrain from using this site. Any claim relating to this site and the material contained therein is governed by Spanish law. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice at any time under the principle of autonomy of will of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL and from the date of modification thereof, all operations between UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL and the user are Shall govern by the last document in force and rectified.

In the event that one or more of the provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions are considered void, illegal or ineffective in any aspect, the validity, legality, enforceability or effectiveness of the rest of the provisions contained herein shall not be affected or void by said circumstance.

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L may at any time review Terms of Use contained herein by means of the adjustment of this document. By using www.totto.uk.com, the user submits to any of such revisions. These modifications will come into effect as soon as they are accessible by users, it is advisable to periodically visit this space to determine the terms in force at the time of purchase.

All trademarks, designs, logos, names and any other distinctive signs, as well as utility models and/or industrial designs and other elements of industrial or intellectual property inserted, used and/or deployed on this Site are the exclusive property of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL. Any unauthorized use will constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions and of the current national and international laws on Industrial Property.

All computer, graphic, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audio-visual and/or design material, as well as all content, texts and databases made available on this Site are exclusive property of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L. All contents on the website are protected by the Copyright laws and by all applicable national and international laws.
Except what expressly is stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, any act of copy, reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, display of the Contents, in any way or by any means, including, electronic means, of photocopying, Recording or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L. In no case do these Terms and Conditions confer rights, licenses and/or authorizations to perform the acts described above. Any unauthorized use of the Contents will constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions and the current copyright laws. Only the user is granted a license and a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to display www.totto.es on a computer, tablet or mobile screen under his control and to copy the Content owned by UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL solely and exclusively with personal and non-commercial purposes. In no case will the user be authorized to modify the contents or the copyright legends, nor may he make any changes to the software of the website.

The Totto and Totto Tú distinctive signs, as well as any other displayed on this page, are owned by UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L. Under no circumstances may it be considered that the use or licensing of any kind, trademarks, trade names, designs or slogans is permitted. Therefore, it is considered expressly prohibited the use of these, under penalty of incurring civil and criminal liability that take place.

The sale contract of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL’s products will only be effective when the customer, in response to the product offer of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L., carries out the purchase process by selecting a product and making payment according to the payment methods exposed on the website.
Under no circumstances UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L., will be under any obligation to accept an offer to purchase.
UNIQUE PARAGRAPH: If the purchase is to exceed five (5) products of the same reference, UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L. reserves the right to send this purchase offer to the company's Institutional sales business channel, to avoid undue commercialization of products.

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L-TOTTO can accept the purchase immediately after payment has been made. The purchase may be accepted wholly or partially.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: The purchase will be made by e-mail, addressed to the email provided by the customer, through a "We have received your order" confirmation email or another similar. However, in any case, the offer shall be deemed accepted at the time UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L delivers the products to the customer.
The customer or user should note that the mere registration, provision of the personal key or the remittance of the information or transaction does not mean acceptance of the offer to purchase.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: In the moment UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL-TOTTO, for any reason, does not accept the purchase request made wholly or partially, the company will proceed to return wholly or partially, as applicable, to an account owned by the client the amount that corresponds to each case.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: For the return of the money:
-For payments through debit card, credit card or PayPal, the return order will be made within a period of no more than 10 business days, not being UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL-TOTTO responsible for the Delays that the financial institution may have. Refunds will be processed once the products are returned to the premises and when the correct state of them has been verified.

The total value of the purchase will be composed of the following items at the customer's expense: value of the product with taxes and transportation costs, if applicable.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L-TOTTO undertakes to constantly review and update the prices mentioned on the website and, in turn, our client and / or user, must be alert in case of any variation in them.
SECOND PARAGRAPH: UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL-TOTTO will inform or publish the transport and shipping tariff that the articles will have and that will be stipulated by the policies of the courier company, which are independent of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL-TOTTO. Within the amount of Shipping costs, it will be taken into account the location within the UK territory to which the purchased products must be sent.

The payments will be made  uniquely and exclusively through the following methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • PayPal

FIRST PARAGRAPH: Before acceptance by us of any purchase request, the customer must choose the terms and conditions of payment of the corresponding amount, according to the means of payment that are already specifically established on the page. Even if UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL makes available to the customer a secure connection system for the execution of all the purchase processes, in no case will it be responsible for the failures in the communications of the banks or credit entities, nor of the damages caused to users on the occasion of an action or omission of mentioned entities.

The consumer must return the product to UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L by the same means and in the same conditions in which it was received. Transport costs will be assumed by the consumer if more than 5 days have passed since reception of purchase. The maximum term to exercise the refund will be 30 working days counted from the completion of the purchase.

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L must return to the consumer the corresponding amount in each case deducting from the amount to return the concepts that are required by postage, if applicable. In any case, the return of the money to the consumer cannot exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the moment he exercised the right.

The law provides that, in sales made through electronic commerce platforms, in which a credit, debit card or other electronic payment instrument has been used to make payment, participants in the payment process must return the corresponding amounts to the purchase when it is fraudulent or corresponds to an unsolicited operation. This assumption is also contemplated in cases where the purchased product is not received, does not correspond to what is requested or is defective.
In order to refund the payment, the client must submit a complaint or claim to UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS-TOTTO within 10 business days following the knowledge of fraudulent or unauthorized use and also notify the issuer of the electronic payment instrument used to perform the purchase, which, together with the other participants in the payment process, will proceed to reimburse the transaction to the buyer

The shipment of the products will be carried out only in UK Mainland, by courier, within a maximum period of (4) working days, counted from the day of confirmation of the order and excepting the orders made from Friday to Sunday, which will be processed and sent in the next working day and also provided there is no unforeseeable event or force majeure such as strikes, disturbances of public order or natural disasters, for example.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: The place of delivery shall be to the address indicated by the customer in the purchase request and specified in the intended format for that purpose, which may be the same as the buyer's home address or any other that the user indicates to receive the product. UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL-TOTTO is exempt from any responsibility at the time of delivery, provided that it is understood that any person who is at the indicated delivery address, is duly authorized by the customer to receive his order.
SECOND PARAGRAPH: The courier company shall be obliged to make at most two (2) attempts to deliver the purchased products. In case the delivery attempts are unsuccessful, the goods will be returned to the Totto headquarter warehouse and the customer will be contacted to schedule a new delivery, in which the transport cost must be covered by the customer.
It is also considered unsuccessful delivery if the recipient of the product is less than fourteen (14) years old and is not accompanied by a parent, guardian or someone who can sign together with the recipient the reception of the product.

After finalizing the purchase, a receipt of the order will be sent by e-mail to the user. The customer may request an invoice to be sent by email by providing the required and necessary information for it.

The transfer of ownership takes place at the moment UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L assigns the goods to the courier company to be delivered to the client or to the person designated by him.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: However, the customer or recipient of the good or product, should abstain from receiving the order immediately, in case the packaging of the product presents damages, ruptures, openings or other similar, leaving the proper annotation or proof of that fact.

Nuestro cliente acepta que los productos sean embalados y presentados en cajas o envase plástico según corresponda y exista disponibilidad.

To apply the warranty of the products sold by our website, the customer must notify the damage on the product to the customer service by sending a copy of his invoice or purchase ticket.
The product will be subjected to the evaluation of the after-sales department who will indicate if the guarantee is appropriate and the way in which it will be realized. Product pictures may be requested to be sent via email in order to make a more accurate evaluation.
Otherwise UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L, will generate a response by email or telephone explaining the reasons for which the warranty does not proceed.

To make any change of the products purchased at totto.uk.com the customer must go to the physical stores of Totto, where a voucher will be made for another purchase with the amount of the product purchased initially. In any case, the amount will not be refunded by other means.
If the customer does not have a point of sale available to make the change, he must proceed to return the item by notifying the customer service through online@totto.uk.com. If the request for the change is made within 5 days after receipt of the article, it will have no cost, and the customer can purchase the new article he requests by making a new purchase. In any case, the amounts corresponding to the shipping costs will not be refunded.
In case the change is requested due to production defect or delivery of a product different to the one purchased, the shipping of the correct product will have no cost to the customer and the defective product will be replaced in the same shipment by the new one.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, any sale made will be deemed to be a firm sale, therefore, the return of the product or money that is not properly endorsed or justified will not be allowed.

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L reserves the right to publish or refrain from publishing any of the comments made by users of our website to the products. In this same sense, at any moment a comment of the mentioned web page may be withdrawn and, if appropriate, exercise the actions that in law corresponds.
UNIQUE PARAGRAPH: Any comment that is published, must be made with a cordial and respectful language referring to the object on which it is said.

UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL assumes no responsibility whatsoever, including any liability for any damage or injury, including but not limited to loss of information or utilities, existence of viruses, results of use or inability to use the material on this Site, lost business opportunities, or any other harm, even if the user has advised us of the possibility of such damages, or for any claims of third parties, except as expressly provided herein. UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL assumes no responsibility for the information provided on the site, including but not limited to products and / or services, interest notes, opinions, practical advice and resolution of concerns. UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS SL assumes no responsibility for the impossibility of, or problems in the use of the website or any of the webpages that compose it, including, but not limited to events such as problems in the server or in the connection, interruptions in their communication or technical problems. In case that the use of the material in this website results in the need to service, repair or correct equipment or information, the user assumes any costs derived from it.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: The liability of UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L shall be limited to an amount identical to the value of the product purchased, or failing that, to the value of the product requested by the customer.

The client solemnly declares and maintains:
That the resources with which he made the purchase, come from legal operation, trade, profession activity or business.
That the money with which made the purchase was made was NOT obtained by virtue of any type of conduct that is contemplated in the British, Spanish, European law as a constituent offense of criminal offense.
That it has not allowed third parties to use their accounts or their credit or debit cards to consign or administer money of which the origin is unknown or came from conduct contrary to the law and especially to criminal law.
That UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS S.L is exempt from any liability for the wrong, false, inaccurate information that may have been provided in this document or for the violation thereof, of which the customer will be solely responsible.