For the purchase of any article, the UE recognises a 2-year warranty from the purchase date on any production default. To make this product warranty effective it is necessary to attach the purchase ticket or invoice.


Totto offers a commercial warranty of 5 years on all the articles purchased from 2016 for possible material defects and production defaults that affect the product under normal conditions of use. The wheel system will be covered by this warranty if it has been used correctly.

The warranty does not cover the following defects:

  • • Cuts
  • •Holes
  • •Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • •Contact with acids and other corrosive liquids
  • •Stains
  • •Wear and tear
  • •Loss of removable pieces
  • •Burns
  • •Scratches
  • •Damages caused by third parties such as airlines or transport companies

Not following the instructions for use and care as well as the modifications made to the original product design by people outside the Totto repairing centre are also reasons for being excluded from the warranty.


In the case of a defective product, we will proceed to substitute the product for another of the same model or we will refund the full amount charged. This action will not have any cost whatsoever. All products that need to be replaced or returned within 30 days after purchased are considered within the immediate guarantee.